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We are specialized on artificial intelligence software development focusing on data mining, the text analysis and assessment, cognitive analysis and specially on data profiling.

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Our services

AI developpment

I-Lexie, bases its activity on AI software development, using technologies such as machine learning, deep learning or ontoterminological models.

We offer our companies the skills to develop customized backend according to their needs. Specializing mainly on text analysis, we can for example develop dataming systems and connect the backend via an API or a sdk to the platform of our customers We could also develop specific algorithms for data mining or sentiment mining.

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Customer profiling

Client targeting is a very complex discipline.

In the BtoB domain, for example, the problem of complexity is important. Is your target the decision maker himself or his purchasing department ? Does your customer have a technical knowledge of the product that will allow him to dispense with commercial arguments to be interested only in technical characteristics ? So many questions that we can help you answer.

The BtoC clientele is even more difficult to target because the criteria to be taken into account are much more numerous, such as the socio-cultural background or the age range of the clients.

Client profiling can help you make your communication more impactful to your customers and thus increase the attractiveness of your business in your target market.

Profiling your customers will also allow you to better adapt your products to expectations when designing them.

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Documentation assesment

i-Lexie dévelop assessment software. We use datamining, AI model and Cognitive neurosciences to provide a high level service of assessment for your documentation.

We can work on different document type, like normative documents (pharmaceutical notices, user notices, etc), product catalog (product sheet, internet marketplace, etc), communication (corporate or specific) or website (interface, pathfinding, SEO,etc ) ability of your text to be memorized, etc).

We can provide different analysis :

Syntactical analysis

Lexical analysis

Semantical analysis

Complexity analysis

Readability index

Custumer profiling

Cognitive Analysis

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Our projects

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Roche Christophe

Roche Christophe


Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the
University of Savoie (France)

MARTIN Michaël

MARTIN Michaël


Highly skilled in IT project management, Artificial Intelligence and technology intelligence.




35 years of finance executive experience Lecturer at EDHEC

EdTech / AI Market

Global EdTech market growing % per year
Global EdTech market in 2020 (B$)
The Chinese government plans to invest into startups by the year 2020 (B$)
AI Market Growth in 2020 (B$)

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A word from our CRO

Artificial intelligence and terminology, two disciplines at the heart of the information society becoming a knowledge society
Christophe ROCHE CRO i-Lexie